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Process Widget

Process Widget is a very simple process manager widget.

I wanted a simple widget that would show what's currently running on my device, how much free memory I had, and allowed me to quickly manage processes to free up memory.

What you get:

  • A cleanly designed scrollable list of processes
  • Displays each process' icon, name and memory usage
  • Tapping a list item opens a basic management window
  • Quickly double tapping will kill the process
  • Support for the Android 4.2 lock screen
  • Available memory (tap to refresh)
  • The ability to change:
    • list ordering
    • displayed process categories
    • widget theme

Process Widget has been written using modern API calls, and it conforms to current design guidelines. It's lightweight, doesn't use any backwards compatibility libraries or hacked solutions, and is why it will only run on Android Honeycomb and above.


Help translate here: crowdin.net/project/process-widget

Keywords: task killer process manager widget free memory

Process Widget on a phone

Google Bookmark Import Tool

Google Bookmark Import Tool promo image

Google Bookmark Import Tool is an application for Android Smart Phones. It helps simplify the process of downloading your Google account bookmarks to your phone.

  • Import your Bookmarks from the Google Cloud.
  • -NEW- Backup and restore Bookmarks to the SD-Card or external storage.
  • Select what you want to import.
  • Import Bookmarks with only specific labels.
  • View, open, delete and arrange the Bookmarks on your android device.
  • Share Bookmarks via Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.


*Please note: This will only work with the standard browser. This app has been tested with AOSP and HTC browsers. It should also be noted that Google doesn't provide any official method for downloading your bookmarks, and as such I can't guarantee this app will work as expected for everyone.

To help translate please follow this link http://goo.gl/gQLeq

English, Japanese, Thai, Finnish, Korean, French, Russian, Chinese (China), Spanish (Spain)

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